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Original P.A. Bigsby Pickup

From my personal collection here is probably the rarest and possibly best sounding pickup ever built. A genuine early 1950's Bigsby! Paul Bigsby is well known for his tremolos which are still widely used today. He is also considered the father of the modern electric guitar. Both Leo Fender and Les Paul borrowed liberally from his amazing designs and ideas. In his backyard shop in Downy California he custom built guitars for Merle Travis, Grady Martin, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Thompson and a select group of the biggest stars of the early 50's. Both Chet Atkins and Les Paul had guitars with Bigsby pickups installed which is proof that he would sell you just a pickup without a guitar but seeing how few individual pickups are extant it seems likely that he didn't sell many or possibly only sold them to a select few famous players. This one was removed from a Bigsby guitar 40 years ago and no, I don't know where that guitar ended up. Believe me I've tried to find it. When I realized how few pictures of these there are on the internet I decided to post these as a reference. I currently have it installed in a 1955 Magnatone MKIII which I think is as fitting a place as any for it. This pickup sounds like nothing else and is not really for sale unless you want to pay off a good chunk of my mortgage :)

1950's Carvin SGB Madness

I love these things! These are not for sale but if you've got one, I'm always looking for more to add to the collection.