Mid 60s Bartell Electric

Mid 60’s Bartell Electric

Here we have a very rare mid 60’s Bartell thinline electric guitar. For those of you who don’t know, Paul Barth started his guitar career in the 1920’s at National. He then went on to be one of the founders of Rickenbacker where he helped design the first commercially available electric guitar, the Electro Frying Pan. He stayed at Rickenbacker through 1957, helping design some of their most sough after guitars as well as mentoring a young Semie Moseley. He then went to work for Magnatone designing their line of cool late 50’s and early 60’s guitars. When they folded he teamed up with Ted Peckels and started Bartell which was in operation from 1964-67. They made a couple thousand guitars and basses right here in the U.S.

This is the only one of this model that I have ever seen. It looks like the Spyder but is a semi hollow body with an f-hole. There is a pic of this actual guitar on the Bartell fan site from before I owned it.

This one plays great and sounds fantastic! Screaming 60’s tone and good low action. It’s a bit like a combination of a Mosrite and a Magnatone. There are some tight cracks on the body which have been there for a while. I can’t tell if they are just in the finish or not but they don’t move at all and cause no problems. I have tried to show them in the pictures. They look worse than they are and the guitar is totally stable. There are various other dings and scratshes that you would expect on a 45 year old guitar. The original hard shell case is in good shape with some obvious scratches and dings. Unfortunately the Tremolo arm is missing.

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