Lyon & Healy String Flush Fret Banjo

Lyon & Healy “The London” 7 string flush fret banjo

Here is a vintage Lyon and Healy “The London” 7 string, flush fret banjo. You just don’t see one of these everyday. They were made in Chicago by Lyon and Healy primarily for export to England where the 7 string banjo had some level of popularity back in the day. This is a historically interesting instrument as there were hardly any 7 string banjos produced in the U.S. The patent date on the tailpiece is Jan. 4 1887. The neck is straight and overall the banjo is in very nice condition. There are some scratches on the back of the neck from the ninth “fret” to about the 13th but I don’t really notice them when playing. The action is a little high as you get up the neck. This can be adjusted or the bridge can be lowered but I will leave this up the the buyer.

Price: Sold