Gower Electric

Terms like “rare” and phrases like “you might never see another one of these” seem to get thrown around in the vintage guitar world everyday but in this case, both are true. Here’s an honest to goodness Gower electric. I have seen one other in person and have seen photos or old black and white videos of a couple more. It’s not known how many electrics they made but judging by how few are extant, the number must be very small.
JW Gower and his sister Alma began building guitars in his Nashville garage in 1955. He built primarily acoustics that found there way into the hands of some pretty big country players. They moved the company into a bigger facility in the early 60’s and then in 1965 or so Gower went into business with Billy Grammer, designing a line of acoustics based closely on the ones they had been building. Due a dispute over who’s name would go on the headstock JW left the company just as they were getting off the ground. Alma followed suit shortly after. The Grammer guitars that Gower designed were played by a number of Nashville stars in the 60’s and 70’s.
After leaving Grammer, JW and Alma continued building guitars in their garage through 1972. After they stopped, Alma went to work for Gibson for 11 years.
It is unknown how many guitars they made although almost all of them are acoustics. As I mentioned earlier, this is only the second electric I have ever seen in person and I’m the kind of guy who keeps an eye out for this type of thing. The other one I’ve played seemed to me to be from the late 50’s and if I had to guess I’d put this one as late 60’s but the pot’s have no dates and the Gibson patent no. pickups were made from 1962-1975 so as for the date of manufacture, your guess is as good as mine but I don’t think I’m in the wrong saying it’s at least 40 years old. The guitar absolutely screams! The neck is awesome and it plays like a dream. Did I mention how rare this guitar is that you may never see another one.

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