Dale Fortune Rickenbacker Combo 600 12 String

Dale Fortune Rickenbacker combo 600 12 string

Here we have a custom built Electro 12 string guitar in the style of a Rickenbacker Combo 600/800 hand made by the legendary Dale Fortune. Dale was a former Ric and Fender employee and is known as one of the best custom builders and repair men in the business. This guitar was built as part of a project called “Let’s Build An Electric Guitar” on the amazing forum Beat Gear Cavern dot com. There is an 11 page thread there full of pictures and info of this guitar being built. You can see it being hand built every step of the way. It is also the subject of an upcoming book about guitar building. If you are familiar with the forum or the project, this is the actual guitar! He built two of them. One was a black 6 string that went to Jackson Brown and the other was this 12 string.

The guitar itself is in a close to mint condition as possible. There are two small dings that I have shown in the photos. Besides that, it is perfect. The action is low and it plays and sounds fantastic. It is truly a guitar hand built by a master craftsman. There is no case but the sturdy, padded gig bag that it came in is included.

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