c.1961 Fenton-Weill Zambesi


Henry Weill might not be a household name in the world of vintage guitars but his contribution to the embryonic world of late 50’s early 60’s British guitars is undeniable. He started out making guitars with his partner Jim Burns in the late 50’s. Burns designed the bodies and Weill the electronics. By 1961 they had gone their separate ways with Burns making guitars under his own name and Weill making guitars under the name Fenton-Weill. ¬†Early Fenton-Weills share many traits with the guitars of other fledgling British builders of the day, in part because most of them were made at the same furniture factory. The thing that stands out to me about the Fenton-Weills is the pickups. Every single one of these that I have played has sounded amazing! This is one of the earliest Fenton-Weills I have seen, most likely from late 1961. It has no makers mark on it and was probably sold overseas, possibly by Hohner. It is in immaculate, 100% original condition. The neck is straight with nice low action the whole way up. This thing is practically a time capsule. There are a couple small dings but nothing serious at all. The one issue is a split in the wood, along the grain, on the back of the neck. It is about 4″ long. You can see this in the picture of the back of the neck. It is 100% stable and has been since the previous owner bought the guitar in the 1970’s. It is quite possible that it left the factory like this. You can’t feel it when playing and it is not an open crack. You probably wouldn’t have noticed it was there if I hadn’t mentioned it. It does not affect anything and will remain solid for another 50+ years. This guitar recently had a pro set up by one of the best luthiers in New York and is totally ready to rock. This is a truly great example of one of the earliest English electrics.

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