Avalon "The Shaggs" guitar

Avalon “The Shaggs” guitar

Here it is. The legendary Avalon “Shaggs” model. One can’t imagine that the designer of this beast, toiling away in an unknown factory in Japan in the late 60’s had any idea that his guitar would end up being synonymous with the most famous outsider band ever. Once the Wiggins sisters got their hands on a pair of these history was made. How does it sound? It sounds like the Shaggs. Seriously, you plug this thing in and all of a sudden you’re playing some weird slightly out of tune, slightly out of time thing that your friends will hate. (Or love if you have friends like mine). Very few of these have surfaced over the years and most that have have been in very poor condition Other than the nut and a couple of ¬†screws on the neck plate this one is all original. Foot-Foot approved.

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