1978 Mark Johnson/Alembic Bass

Mark Johnson was an employee at Alembic in the early/mid 70’s. He went out on his own around 1977, building guitars and basses very much in the Alembic style and even using Alembic hardware and pickups. He is still building super high end guitars today under the company name of MJ Custom. This bass is from 1978 and is serial number 12. MJ serial numbers 1 and 4 are known to exist and this makes this the third extant 1970’s Mark Johnson Instrument, made when he was still very much influenced by his work at Alembic. The craftsmanship is superb all around on this one, as you would expect from someone coming out of the Alembic shop. The neck feels great and the action is good the whole way up. The original Alembic pickups work and sound great although the fancier Alembic pre amp board and phase switches etc… have been removed. It still sounds fantastic as is and would most likely only sound better with added Alembic electronics, which are still available. The body and neck have been professionally refinished. The headstock was not, most likely so they didn’t have to mess with the awesome logo. There are several professionally repaired cracks to the “tail” of the guitar, as sown in the photos. Overall this is a beautiful example of an exceedingly rare bass.

Price: $3,995