1978 Gretsch TK-300

Vintage Gretsch purists avert your eyes cause there’s nothing for you to see here. Everyone else, here’s the legendary and short lived 1978 Gretsch TK-300. This often gets called the ugliest guitar Gretsch ever made and I’ve seen plenty of people using plenty of colorful adjectives to describe them on internet forums. I’m pretty sure these people have never actually played one of these. If they had, there is no way they could talk smack. This is a great guitar. I happen to really like the body shape but what really gets me excited is the playability and kick ass sound. Seriously, this is a powerful little guitar and while it has very little in common with a 1958 Country Club and comes from, what some people consider Gretsch’s low point as a company, it is a great guitar in it’s own right. Both knobs, 2 pickguard screws and possibly the nut are replaced. The rest of the guitar is all original with no repairs or modifications. There is plenty of honest play wear, a few nicks and dings, some finish checking and a bit of belt buckle rash on the back but nothing out of line for a 34 year old guitar. The frets are typical late 70’s jumbos and are worn but still have plenty of life left in them. Overall, these oddball Gretsch’s are a great deal for anyone looking for a cool, vintage, American made guitar. Price: $SOLD