1972 Carvin SS65

I have a serious thing for vintage Carvins. I personally own and play several of them and this is the second early 70’s Carvin SS65 that I’ve had in stock this year. If you look through the sold section you’ll find a hilarious piece of writing, or is it rambling, about pawing through the Carvin catalog as a kid, looking at all the wanky-ass 80’s guitars. You’ll also find a history of the Carvin company. In a nutshell, Carvin started in the late 40’s making steel guitars and amplifiers. In 1955 they offered their first spanish style electric guitar. They languished in relative obscurity until the younger generation of the family took over in 1975 and turned the company into what it is today.
This example is FANTASTIC! It both plays and sounds amazing. People are starting to realize that the AP-6 pickup (famously used by Semie Moseley in the early Mosrite guitars) is truly one of the best vintage guitar pickups ever built! Seriously, they sound amazing. The neck is straight with great action and intonation and good frets. The electronics function perfectly and the body is in very good shape. This guitar is 100% original, from the rare factory Bigsby to the last pickguard screw. There are a few small nicks and digs but nothing serious at all. The pickguard is missing a very small chip by one screw and has a tiny crack by another. I have highlighted this in the photos. The only other thing is that there are two small holes drilled into the top. I have shown these in the photos and honestly have no idea what they could have been for. There is no shadow or finish discoloration near them so I doubt that anything could have been screwed in for very long. It’s a god damn mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in a puzzle, or something like that. Whatever they were for, they don’t effect anything at all and only slightly diminish the fantastic condition of this 41 years old, American made guitar.
The original hard shell case is in good, used condition. There is a bit of a stain from where something spilled on the top years ago but all the latches and hinges work perfectly and overall, it’s very solid. It’s certainly done it’s job and it’ll continue to protect the guitar for another 40 years.

Price: $SOLD