1968 Kustom K200 Electric Guitar

Best known for their line of crazy colored, naugahyde covered, tuck and roll amplifiers from the 60’s and 70’s, Kustom also made a line of electric guitars from 1967-1969. The Rickenbacker influence is undeniable in both appearance and build quality. These are no cheapo 60’s knockoffs but very well built and great sounding guitars. Although they have started to catch on a bit recently, they represent one of the best values in vintage guitars. Where else can you find an American built guitar from the 60’s with this kind of quality for the price these go for? This is no Harmony or Kay but a genuine high quality instrument on a par with the big names of the era. This is the K200B “zebra” model. It is 100% original with no repairs or modifications. There is a tiny piece at the end of the headstock that has broken off as well as some minor belt buckle rash on the back and fingerboard rutting in the first position. None of this affects anything and overall the guitar is in great shape with no finish dings or checking. The original hard shell case is also in great shape and it even includes the original neck adjustment instructions! It’s clear that this guitar spent most if not all of its life at home and was never taken on the road. The neck plays great with low action and the sound is pure 60’s sparkle.

Price: Sold