1967 Harvey Thomas Eletric

Straight from the wilds of Midway Washington, we have a Harvey Thomas electric. Thomas was an eccentric who made some of the craziest guitars you’ve ever seen. Seriously, the dude was insane! This one is really cool but has had some work done. First off, it was stripped of it’s original black finish and refinished natural. I’d call it a semi-pro refinish. Certainly not the worst I’ve seen but not the best either. The pick guard is long gone, the knobs are replacements, some of the pickup screws are not original and I’m 99% sure the bridge is a replacement. The input jack and pickup selector switch have been replaced as well. Even after all that, this is a surprisingly cool guitar. The neck is good, with just a little relief. The action is great on the low strings and gets a little high (maybe 3/16″ at the 12th fret) when you get to the high E. It is certainly very playable as-is but a pro set up would put it over the top. One of the coolest things I discovered is the handwritten date of “Nov 1967″ inside the body. This baby was made right after the summer of love (The fall of love?) ¬†Overall this is a rare and cool, if not 100% original, example from one of the most bizarre and unique American guitar builders.

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