1965 Magnatone Hurricane X-10 Bass

The Magnatone Hurricane X-10 is a killer sounding, full scale, American made bass from the mid 60’s. This 1965 example is the second one that I’ve had in the past year. I honestly think these represent the best value you can find when looking for a vintage bass. This is a high quality, full scale bass. On par with anything Fender was making at the time. Not only are these a lot cheaper than a ’65 precision, they are a lot rarer. Your choices are pretty limited if you’re looking for a vintage bass that isn’t short scale and these have sort of flown below the radar for years now. This bass both plays and sounds great. There is a little relief to the neck but the action is good and the truss rod turns freely. It has had flatwounds on it it’s whole life so there is no fret ware. The chrome is shiny on the bridge and pickup covers and the original felt string mute moves up and down as it should. This one is 100% original with the possible exception of the volume pot. It also has a long ago, somewhat crudely added ground wire. It could easily be removed as it is just held in place by one of the screws in the bridge but I decided to leave it. First off because it serves it’s purpose and second as a tribute to the old timer who put it in. He wanted his bass grounded and by golly, he grounded it. As you can see, the finish has dings, scrapes, scratches, checking, flaking and some serious buckle rash on the back. It may be worn but it’s all original and is a very cool and rare yellow with gold flecks. The original hard case is in decent used condition. It won’t win a beauty contest but it’s been protecting this bass for close to 50 years and will continue to do so for a good long while. Overall, this is a fantastic sounding example of a very rare vintage bass.
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