1961 Rickenbacker Combo 950

Here’s a very cute, 3/4 size Rickenbacker combo 950 “Tulip” guitar. The serial number is AB116 which dates it to February, 1961. This guitar is all original and it plays and sounds great. Ric really got something right with these toaster pickups. There are some nicks, dings and scratches to the original fireglo finish and a little buckle rash on the back but nothing out of line, especially for a 50 year old guitar. According to The History Of Rickenbacker Guitars by Richard R. Smith, only 134 model 950’s were shipped from the factory between 1957 and 1965 and only 59 of those were finished in fireglow! There was some musician who used to play a 3/4 size Ric. Who was that? John Something or other, from Liverpool. It’s too bad guitar groups were on the way out when his band got going or he could have made a real go at it in the music business. Original hard shell case is in very good shape.

Price: SOLD.