1930’s Regal Parlor Guitar

Here we have a beautiful, c.1935 Regal Parlor Guitar. It is in 100% original down to the last bridge pin. The top is beautifully grained spruce with fantastic binding and a wonderful stencil of flowers. The pickguard is inlaid into the top and is just starting to come up in one corner. There is also a completely tight crack (or possibly only finish check) from the back edge of the pickguard to the bridge. The body is mystery wood done up to look like Brazilian rosewood. They did a pretty convincing job of it over at Regal as you often see people selling these as Rosewood. The fretboard is what we’ve come to know as “mother of toilet seat” but I seriously doubt that anyone at the Regal factory was calling it that when this was built. It appears to me that the fretboard was removed and plained slightly where it meets the body. It is also possible that the guitar has had a neck set as the joint is uncommonly tight to the body. The action at the 12th fret is a hair under 3/16″. The guitar plays nicely and has a beautiful, old time sound. The vintage bar frets show very little wear. The saddle has been taken down about as far as it can go but the original bridge has never been off the guitar.
Overall this is a very clean and beautiful example of a rare vintage American guitar.

Price: $950