1930’s Bacon & Day Espana Archtop

Most famous for making some of the best banjos of the 1920’s, the Bacon & Day company of Groton CT found themselves in the same bind ¬†as many other banjo makers in the 30’s. The depression was in full swing and the market for new, expensive banjos was shrinking fast. As a bit of a last ditch effort, B&D began offering a line of guitars in the early 30’s. There are different theories as to who built them but I am of the belief that they were manufactured by Regal in Chicago and then sent to Connecticut where they were finished and embellished with their trademark rhinestones. Others have claimed they were made entirely by B&D but I do not believe this to be the case. Whoever it was that did the actual building did a fantastic job as all of the B&D’s that I have played have been very high quality instruments. 15 1/2″ wide with a slight v neck the Espana sports a spruce top and mahogany back, sides and neck. The sound of this guitar is fantastic! Quite similar to a ’29 Gibson L-5. There have been no repairs and there are no cracks. The guitar is all original with the exception of the 1 pickguard screw and the tuners, which are Kluson Deluxe. There is some obvious play wear, dings and finish checking but nothing out of line for a guitar of this age. The action is good and the intonation is fine. When you get above the 14th fret the lower strings do buzz but I’ve never found this to be an issue as I don’t do much playing up there. I’m sure this could be addressed fairly easily if you wanted. I don’t know if the Geib case is original or not but it’s what the guitar came in when I got it and is certainly period correct. Overall, this is a wonderful archtop. I acquired it 2 years ago and haven’t been able to get myself to list it until now. I’ve had it on a stand in my living room the whole time and have enjoyed playing it regularly.

Price: $2750