1920’s Stromberg Voisinet Venetian "Kay Kraft"

1920’s Stromberg-Voisinet Venetian acoustic guitar. These were made by the precursor to the Kay company and are often referred to as the Kay Kraft model. Often rebranded by deealer, this one has a James K. Polk Musical instruments label inside. This one is definitely in well worn condition but is surprisingly playable for a 90 year old instrument. It appears to have had a neck set in the past as well as repaired cracks on the top, back and sides. The back of the neck shows a lot of ware but I honestly don’t notice it when playing. The action is good the whole way up the neck, certainly due to the neck set. The original bar frets are in very good shape. The original bridge has a repaired crack and appears to me to have been repainted although I am not 100% sure about this. The tuners are vintage but I believe are replacements. Most likely changed out at the time when the neck set and other repairs were done. There appears at one time to have been a trapeze tailpiece on the guitar as well. The original case is in fairly rough shape but still works and has been protecting this guitar for close to a century. I currently have it strung up with Martin silk and steel strings and it’s a really great guitar to have sitting next to the couch. It just lends it self to old blues or fingerpicking styles. Please be aware that this is a very old guitar and has had repairs done to it in the past. Although it plays well now a good set up is always recommended on a guitar of this age. It is certainly not a museum piece but is a really cool and playable example of a rare and vintage American guitar.

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