1896 Grunewald Harp Guitar

c.1896 Grunewald “The Harp Guitar”

Here we have an incredibly rare Grunewald 10 string “The Harp Guitar”. There are only a couple of these known to exist! They were the precursor to the modern 12 string acoustic guitar built in the 1890’s. The guitar features 10 strings with the 4 high courses doubled. At some point in it’s life the guitar was refinished. Judging by the pics of the only other one I could find the bridge was most likely replaced as well. It is just starting to lift in the back corner. There is a fairly long, repaired back crack that is stable but the repair was done a long time ago and could require attention at some point. There are also 2 repaired top cracks that are 100% stable. There is also some missing wood binding on the back bout. It’s obviously been missing for a while as the refinish was done over the missing piece. It pains me to let this go and if I were planning on keeping the guitar I would have the bridge removed and a correct replacement made. I would also have the back crack re-cleated at some point. Now that we’ve got the issues out of the way the good thing is that the neck is straight and the guitar sounds amazing. Very mellow and warm. It will play fine right when it arrives. The action is good if a hair high up by the 12th fret but not bad at all and the full size bridge or the saddle could easily be lowered to bring it down to your preference.

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