c.1967 Kay Teisco E-110 Tulip guitar

How many kids in the 60’s woke up on Christmas morning to find one of these sitting under the tree? Judging by the number that show up at pawn shops and on ebay, I’d say quite a few. How many of these kids took good care of their shiny new guitar? Judging by the number that show up in unplayable shape, I’d say not many. The bulk of these either got played until the kid saved up for a Fender or Gibson or quit playing and found a better way to meet chicks. Either way, many of these entry level guitars were thrown in the basement or attic to slowly warp and decay in the hot/wet conditions. Not this one. The neck is perfectly straight and the finish is good with a bit of honest play wear. The frets on these are somewhat of a cross between Mosrite speed frets and Gibson “fretless wonder” frets and they are in good shape. The pickup has strong output and all of the cheapo original wiring has been re-done and the guitar has been grounded. The nut appears to be a replacement as are several of the pickguard screws. This guitar actually sounds really cool and plays excellently with nice low action. It is branded Kay on the headstock which began in the late 60’s. Overall this is a really cool little rocker with a much bigger sound than you’d expect from a guitar known as the “Tulip”.
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