1969 Micro-Frets Spacetone

The Micro-Frets company of Frederick Maryland built about 3000 guitars and basses in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They remained a fairly small company despite having a few high profile players like Carl Perkins, Buddy Merrill and Mark Farmer of Grand Funk Railroad (seriously, Grand Funk were huge in the 70’s, go ask your dad.) In some ways they were just ahead of their time with some pretty futuristic body shapes as well as innovative electronics, tremolos and the very cool, fully intonatable nut! The sound these guitars produce is noting short of incredible!
This c. 1969 Spacetone is in fantastic condition and is all original except for the knobs, which are replacements. There have been no modifications or repairs. The neck plays great with plenty of fret life left and the electronics function flawlessly. It seems like someone maybe left a capo or patch cable in the case with the guitar as there are some very small and hardly noticeable dings to the front. I’ve tried to show these in the photos. They don’t affect anything and you can’t see them from a few feet away but they’re there. Again, this is not a big deal and doesn’t detract from the appearance or overall awesomeness of this guitar. Of all the guitars I’ve sold this might be the hardest one I’ve had to part with. The sound is just incredible! Original hard shell case is in good shape.

Price: Sold