I’ve been a guitar nerd since the 6th grade when I first noticed my Dad’s old blonde Telecaster. It had been in the house my whole life but one day I just couldn’t stop staring at it. I had to play it. This proved far more difficult than I expected and so my Dad dug his old Hagstrom bass out of the attic and started showing me Motown songs. I could at least make the bass sound like something. Time progressed and I became a bit obsessed with playing the bass and eventually decided to tackle the guitar again. Of course, being a kid in the 80’s I wanted nothing to do with a vintage Tele. Old dudes played them. I needed something pointy and cool. I saved up $350 from my after school job and bought a used ESP. Certainly not the worst guitar in the world but it took me a few years to learn that a vintage Fender was about 1000% cooler than some new flavor of the month so I saved up again and bought a 1972 Tele Custom. Then a ’56 Les Paul Jr. Then an ES-125, then a Silvertone, then a Precision bass and on and on. This was back when a high school kid with an after school job washing dishes could afford these!

Once I got out of school I started playing in bands and when we would tour I would always go to the guitar stores and pawn shops in whatever city I was in to look for cool guitars. I’d spend hours in random stores playing everything I could. I’d sell old ones to afford new ones and was slowly building up a nice collection. Friends would often ask me to help them find a vintage guitar and I was always more than happy to help. Still am. This has slowly grown into a part time business for me selling used and vintage guitars locally and on ebay for the past 12 years. I’m a bit obsessed! I try to only sell guitars that I like, guitars that I would want to play. ( I have played gigs with most of the guitars I have sold.) Sometimes it pains me to get rid of them but I can’t keep them all.

If you see something you like, please email or call for more information.

I’m only happy if you’re happy so I offer a full return policy on every guitar I sell.

I chose the name Musicians Enemy as a direct response to the corporate nature of the large “friendly” chain music “centers” that are putting the small shops that I love out of business. Support independent music stores!

I am always on the lookout for cool vintage guitars. If you have something you think I might like, please let me know. Trade offers are always welcome.

-Elisha Wiesner (In the middle with the EGC Tele)
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