1963 Airline Bobkat  Gold Sparkle

Here we have a 1963, Airline Bobkat. It is in the rarest finish they offered, gold sparkle. 100% original with the exception of a replaced nut. It has it's dings and dents but plays great and sound incredible. The DeArmond pickup just screams! Neck is straight, frets are in good shape and there are no issues at all besides the finish dings. Scale length is 24 3/8". Making it 3/8" shorter than standard Gibson 24 3/4" scale length. The original tan Airline case is pretty beat up but included. This is probably the best sounding Airline/Harmony/Silvertone that I've had in in the past year! Price $650

1966 Harmony Bobkat Single Pickup

I can't seem to keep these thing in stock! This is a great playing and sounding, 1966 Harmony Bobkat. 100% original and in great shape. Just set up and totally kicks ass. Price: $450

1965 Magnatone X-20 Typhoon

If you search through the sold section of this site you'll notice I have a bit of a thing for vintage Magantone guitars. I've sold a bunch of them and keep two in my private collection. I honestly feel that they are the best bang for your buck in vintage American made guitars and while both collectors and players have picked up on the 50's, P.A. Bigsby Designed models the 60's Paul Barth designed models continue to languish in relative obscurity. The obvious influence on this guitar is the Fender Stratocaster although both the tremolo and pickups are more in the Jazzmaster mold. The X-20 was the top of the line, 3 pickup model. The wide range of sounds that this guitar offers is pretty amazing. It goes from bright and surfy to thick and heavy with an obvious 60's garage rock sound in there as well. The tremolo is excellent, if somewhat subtle. The neck has a nice Jazzmaster like feel and overall these are just great guitars. The one design flaw, like the Jazzmaster, is the bridge. The saddles have a tendency to rattle a bit. You don't notice it when playing through an amp but it's there when played acoustically. I have seen these with new bridges installed or the saddles glued in place. I am not keen on modifying a vintage guitar so I choose the easy fix. Very small pieces of paper wedged between the saddles. This completely fixes the problem and is unnoticeable. I'm not sure why more people don't do it. Overall, this is a great playing and sounding 100% original guitar. The neck is straight and the action is good. There are obvious signs of use but it has certainly not been abused. The vintage soft case is in decent, if somewhat beat up condition.